Macros - Ability to create macros for multiple groups


  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi Reshma,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback! I did some testing on my end and it does look like for a user to publish a macro to multiple groups their macro permissions need to be set to Can add and edit personal, group, and global macros. I agree that it would be convenient to give the user permission to publish to multiple groups if they belong to those groups without giving them global access to macros.

    I've upvoted your post and will pass this information along to the appropriate team to help provide visibility :)


  • Reshma Patel
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    Hi Brett,

    Any feedback or workaround on this.  I do see the ability for an admin to modify a macro created by a team lead, however, when I do this it removes the ability for the team lead to make future edits to the macro.  What is the reasoning behind why this functionality is limited for people with the above said permission (Can add and edit personal, group, and global macros). 


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