Game Stopper: Not being able to change queue times


  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Morgan,

    Current behaviour within Talk is that if you have an agent online, we offer them that call for about 30 secs and then try the next agent in the queue. If there are no other agents online like in your scenario, we do indeed push the call to voicemail.

    However, yesterday we launched a new agent state called Away that might just be what you're looking for! If you agent is set to Away (instead of Online) calls will be held the queue until your agent puts themselves back to Online. Using Away will use the queue wait time duration instead of the 30 second call offering time. This is available in your Talk account today.

    For our Talk Enterprise customers we're looking at the options of adjusting the call offering time (both increasing and decreasing the current 30 secs) for Q2 this year.

    Announcement and more information is available for you here:

    Thanks for reaching out,


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