Having multiple brands login with SSO for one brand and use login/password for another.



  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hi there,

    For those users that don't need to log in via SSO you can provide them with the following URL: subdomain.zendesk.com/access/normal

    You will just replace {subdomain} with your own account subdomain.

    If they haven't set up a native Zendesk password you can direct them to subdomain.zendesk.com/access/help to reset their password which will allow them to log in through access/normal.

    Hope this helps!

  • Support Engineering
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    Hi again Brett,

    I was able to customize the home center of my non SSO brand  page with links to change password and create account. 
    When clicking the links, In both cases I receive an email with a link to verify my account,
    the problem here now is that when i click the link,  I get redirected to the SSO page I added for the remote login,(instead of just logging in to zendesk as a new user, or being able to change the password) so I am back at square one. 
    Any ideas how to solve this?
  • Brett - Community Manager
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    @Support Engineering it sounds like we will need to dig into this a bit further to determine why users are being directed back to the SSO page after using the URL I provided. I will create a ticket on your behalf and pass this over to our Customer Advocacy team for further assistance. You'll receive a follow-up email shortly stating your ticket has been created so feel free to reply back to that with any additional information you can provide.



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