Request: Different forms for different agent groups or roles


  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Josh -

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll continue to collect comments and votes on this suggestion to gauge interest.

  • Mario Costa
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    Hi Josh

    you can use this app and restrict it to the Light Agents only using the "Role restrictions" in the app settings

    there are probably more apps that allow you to do the same

    hope it helps

  • Josh Keller
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    Hey Mario, thanks for that suggestion. I'll try it out. I worry, though, that a client-side solution like this isn't very secure and like the Conditional Fields app, those fields will still appear for a split second as the JS loads. But it seems this is the best interim solution we have. Thanks!

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thanks for sharing that workaround, Mario!

  • Dan Ross
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    I'd like to second Josh's request for field-level permissions. Ideally, they use similar permissions to apps (that is to say, Groups/Roles driven).

    We'd like to be able to set:

    • No Access (hide field entirely)
    • Read-Only
    • Read/Write

    The only drawback I can think of is if a trigger fires on data contained in a hidden field, it may be unclear to the end user what happened, or they could view a read-only version of the trigger from the event log and extrapolate what data may be contained in certain fields they normally couldn't see.

    You'd also have to worry about agents being able to search by tags or field values, so there'd be a lot of work to do there as well to fully implement these kinds of restrictions. 




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