Transfer Calls to Away agent


  • Kasper B. Christensen

    I suggested this in the Announcement of the Away state as well, so I strongly agree, that this is needed. We feel like this is very basic functionality, that without a doubt should be avaliable.

  • Amedeo Juarez

    Any other work arounds? My campaign is using ZenDesk Talk, and we're looking into options regarding transferring customers to a specific group or person. Currently, as stated above, we cannot transfer unless the other person is in Available and once they're available they will get the next customer calling in or the transfer. There's no way to differentiate.

  • Amber R

    Our team would really benefit from this ability as well! Right now we have to take our Team Leads out of support and then go online to take an escalation without getting another call. In this process we lose any open tickets from support and then have to go find and reassign them after the call. Another option is Barge, which allows agents to be on a call without being online but the original agent on the call can not hang up without terminating the whole call.

  • George



    Any updates here?


  • David Garceau

    Agreed on this, it should be up to the away agent if they can take transferred calls or not.

  • August Acker

    Hi all, 

    +1 for this request. We need the option to transfer but not receive normal calls for our agents.

  • Adrian Bishop

    I've recently asked for this on chat support, a manager of a group may need to be transferred a call from another agent but doesn't want to be in the main queue.

    At the moment my colleagues have to contact me outside of Zendesk to ask if I can receive a call, this isn't ideal, we need a function so that calls can be transferred without being online.

  • Katie Rolfe

    This addition would make a huge improvement. Currently when escalating a call to a manager we need to arrange a call back instead of making a live transfer which is poor service for the Customer. 


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