Customization of web widget


  • Nanna Aabentoft Tygstrup

    We could really use an option to customize the chat widget to our needs.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Louise - Have you looked into the Web Widget Customizations Early Access Program? 

    Nanna - If your feedback is related to Zendesk Chat specifically, you may want to share it in the Chat Help Center


    Thank you both for sharing your feedback with us!

  • Louise Dissing

    Hi Nicole

    Thanks for the quick reply! 

    I took a look at the link you sent me, but it seems like there isn't anything planned for changing the looks/size of the widget nor adding images, unfortunately. 

  • Daniel Aron

    Hi Louise, thank you so much for the feedback! 

    >...wants the widget to be more visual when the customer is searching for help

    I'm assuming this refers to the look of the launcher rather than the Widget once open? In regards to the launcher specifically, some customers choose to create a custom launcher UI and then use our APIs to control showing/hiding the Web Widget. Also, when Chat is the only channel enabled we do offer a Chat Badge launcher design which is a little larger and more visual. This won't work with Help Center enabled as per your example and we don't support adding links to it at the moment. That said, we are considering expanding this design to other configurations of the Widget.

    >we'd like the ability to do a complete makeover of the widget.

    >We would like to be able to customize the widget completely;
       - Change the size/shape of the widget
       - Add custom CSS
       - Add Images, links etc.

    To fully customize the Widget UI, and if Chat is the only channel you are interested in you can use the Chat Web SDK to build your own UI. We are considering expanding this to enable building a full omnichannel Web Widget UI (including Help Center, Talk and Support) in the future.



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