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    Nicole - Community Manager
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    Hey Brian - 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. 

    Regarding your second point, you may want to add a more detailed comment about your use-case and vote on this existing thread: Zendesk search should look into attachments

    We'll keep this post open to collect additional feedback on the comments about Side Conversations. 

  • Dennis Duin
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    The ability to find tickets based on side conversation content would indeed be great.

    As an addition:

    Would it be possible to add more customization to the side conversation window?:
    Most heard user feedback:
    - The window is too small, it would be nice to have it sizeable.
    - It would be nice for more/better notifications on receiving side conversation messages, especially when tickets are reopened from pending/on-hold by a reply to a side conversation.

    Looking forward to some feedback on these requests!


  • Prasannaa Muralidharan
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    +1 on this.

    1 I think not having side conversations searchable is quite problematic and crippling for those of us who use this extensively.

    2 more/better notifications on receiving side conversation messages, especially when tickets are reopened from pending/on-hold by a reply to a side conversation. -> something changed recently and it is 'broken'. the notifications are no longer clickable in chrome.

    Side conversation is very useful for those who work with many partners. Why would you not have it searchable, and not on your roadmap.




  • Melissa Decker
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    I agree with this suggestion. Our agents are asking about this functionality on a daily basis. We communicate with our customers as the ticket requesters and our suppliers, shippers, etc. as side conversations in the customer ticket. If we are looking for a side conversation based on the PO number, BOL number, Pro number, or Sales Acknowledgement, we can never find it because all of that information is in the side conversation and not searchable. It would definitely save a lot time (i.e. money) to make the side conversations easily searchable.

    Our agents have also suggested making it easier to tell from the queue which tickets have side conversations on them before they are opened. If I search under an order number and 5 tickets come up in the search results, I would like to be able to quickly see which tickets have side conversations on them without opening each one.



  • Caroline Lundström
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    I agree with above and it is essential to make side conversation and attachment searchable,  if you want Zendesk to be interesting for B2B.  Do you have a roadmap for this feature? 

  • James Masterton
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    Agreed, we also have a need to be able to search side conversations.

  • Rachel Winstrand
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    We also use side conversations as a means for communicating with internal users who are not on Zendesk and would appreciate being able to have the search feature locate within it as well.

  • Ulrich Spies
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    We already thought Zendesk is having a bug, because we didn't found lots of replies from our suppliers. Therefore an extension of the search functionality regarding side conversations is a must have!


    Please work on it.

  • Richard Hartley
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    We definitely need to be able to search in “side conversations”.  I just discovered this does not work and it's a major drawback. 

    We send comms via a side conversation to a TP partner (support team).  The auto response from their support system goes into the side conversation, along with their ref.  Not having that reference searchable is a major nuisance.


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