SLA timer is not picking up ticket changes


  • McCabe Tonna


    So currently you let your customer decide the priority?

    Have you considered utilizing a custom-dropdown field called "Severity" and having a trigger to set the priority on creation. That way customer will not be able to change the priority after creation.

    Furthermore if your plan has Ticket Forms, you can remove "Priority" from the form and agents will not be able to change the value. 

    You can create special macros for admins only to change priority if you desire. 



  • Igal Dar

    Thanks McCabe.

    We do have a Severity field synced to Priority.

    Thing is that we do want customers to be able to change priority. It's important for us to have customers signal when something needs further attention. Sometimes customers open a low priority ticket by mistake, and they want to change it. We don't want to make it hard for them (call/email/etc).

    We want to be fair for both customers and our staff.

    So while I understand your workaround. I would rather have Zendesk Support recalculate the SLA correctly, not prevent it from being ever changed.

  • McCabe Tonna

    Unless things have changed; end-users cannot change fields after a ticket has been created. 

    They can add additional comments emphasizing a field needs to be changed however. 

  • Igal Dar


    As such we have a contact center that our customers can call in and ask for cases escalated, priorities changed, especially if a Severity 1 / Urgent priority case needs immediate attention. The above example is a real life one, when customers in for production down situation. It doesn't seem as the system was designed for some SLA scenarios.


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