Maximum queue wait time by number not account


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Joshua -

    Which reporting tool are you looking for this in?

  • Joshua Miller

    Hello Nicole,

    It is not reporting that I am looking for. For Zendesk Talk, I want to be able to change the Maximum queue wait time for each number. So, I want to be able to set it differently for our 5 different numbers. At this time, when I set the Maximum queue wait time, it is applied to all Zendesk Talk phone numbers.

    This is particularily bothersome considering that we use Zendesk Talk for taking calls in the day but also managing after hours calls at night and we don't want after hours calls waiting in the queue for 20 minutes but during our work day this would be minimally acceptable.

    I hope you can implement this soon, I think other companies would appeciate it. It would also allow us to manage our "overflow".

    We have some numbers that have an overflow number that it gets forwarded to. We don't want the system to wait 20 minutes before forwarding to that number so at this time we just do not use the overflow feature.


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    My apologies, Joshua. I misread your first post.

    We'll pass your feedback along to the Talk product team.


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