Contextual Help not working for logged-in users


  • Dan Kondzela
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Isabela, thank you for your question!

    The problems you are describing are certainly concerning. I suspect that the issue is caused by the URL itself as the authentication requirements of your sites page should not affect the Widget Contextual help behavior. One thing that i have noticed in the past is that if there are strings of characters or keys in the url after the keywords, the contextual help won't function as it views that hash at the end of the url as the keyword.

    If it is not too confidential could you post the url of the page that is not functioning? I can also create a ticket on your behalf if you would like!


  • Isabela

    Hi Dan, 

    Thanks so much for getting back to me! 

    The URL of the page is and I was expecting Contextual Help to bring up search results for 'dashboard'. 

    Thanks for clearing up that the authentication is not a problem, I was actually looking into the Security settings of the Web Widget to whitelist the domain and use the secret to allow logged in users to see the Contextual Help content. 
    Happy that's not the case anymore. 

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead!


  • Dan Kondzela
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Isabela! Thanks for the information and the well wishes. Hope you have a good weekend as well.

    While those steps described should not be necessary it seems as though we are dealing with unexpected behavior that warrants a closer look. I have started a ticket on your behalf and look forward to continuing the conversation there.



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