Additional Bulk Article - "Publish in section"


  • Felipe Parra

    I'm passing through the same situation, I have a hard mission to open more than 1.000 records to move.
    I believe an enhancement will be great.

  • Angéline Nguyen

    Even though I managed to manually move 250 articles one by one, I realized doing it manually can create mistakes: for example, I missed some of them in the Articles list, and had to check the list again from the beginning. Having a bulk action can reduce human errors.

  • Simon Klemm

    Absolutely! I'm looking at relocating 150+ articles right now and already dread it.

  • Kelsey Davis

    Really need this! Manually moving so many at the moment and may have to again in future if we decide to split a section into 2. Please add this!

  • Mary Paez

    We are doing a reorganization of content since the number of products is growing.  To make these changes, all movement of articles between sections is manual one-at-a-time.  In addition, We have to take Product categories and make them Sections under an All Products (NEW) category.  it is not possible at this time to convert a CATEGORY to a SECTION.


    These are much needed.

  • Antonio Naddeo

    we are doing a major reorganisation of categories, sections and articles. Unable to move in bulk articles between sections is very painful, has to be done one by one. Zendesk hello?

  • Kalle Windefalk

    Agree. I'm in the same situation as Antonio Naddeo and Mary Paez

  • Mary Paez

    In addition, I want to add that a category was deleted by mistake. With it went all subsections and KB articles.  Luckily, the articles ended up in the Archive.  But, the sections needed to be rebulit in order for the articles to be restored to their previous location.

    It would be great if there is an archive for any deletion in the Admin UI (where we create categories and sections) such as a trashcan where you can restore by a subsequent click to do so.  

    This mistake took time to undo by 1) recreating the category/sections, 2) restoring articles from the archive, 3) reclassifying each article to the correct category/section, 4) setting the correct permissions, and republishing the content.

    It would be so much more helpful if a deletion was actually an archive (maybe just a visual delete) and there was an undo that can restore back to previous setting.  Eg: like a Mac trashcan where data can easily be restored.  This would be a valuable feature for any ZD customer.

    Mistakes happen and anything ZD can do to make this easier for a customer would be very much appreciated.  This would be a high-on-the-list improvement in the product to ensure customer confidence!

  • Will Y

    I agree with all comments said--- a bulk move feature for articles would be insanely helpful as we build out our guide.


    I think it is more common for users to build out articles and then figure out the organizational structure of the categories and sections--without a bulk move feature to assist, this process is painstakingly slow. Thank you!

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Will.

  • Jennifer Doyle

    I have the same issue.  The knowledge base was originally created with a different idea of how to structure the articles to make it simple to find articles, but since the launch have determined that the structure does not work.  Unfortunately we have over 600 articles to manually move if we want to make it easier for everyone to find the right articles.  

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I have been working to get my team to start using Guide for article management and just caught that bulk movements didn't account for choosing a new place in the hierarchy.  This seems off considering we can bulk update article permissions like who can manage or see the article.  

    I also want to add to a comment that Mary Paez said above: "it is not possible at this time to convert a CATEGORY to a SECTION" 

    With flexible hierarchies and the ability to nest sections within sections on Guide Enterprise, the concept of Categories and Sections seems like it might be better to reconsider as just sections with nested sections in general.  It would be nice to have the option to just create sections and go from there without having to worry about categories at all since they don't seem to add any different value at this point other than one being a top level hierarchy item.  For non-Enterprise users, Zendesk could limit how many layers deep the hierarchy could go for parity purposes as well. 


  • Mary Paez

    I agree with you, Dan. It would make sense that everything is a section.  In addtion, it would be helpful to not be limited to 20 sections within any section.


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