SLA exclusions based on ticket status


  • Simon Blouner
    Community Moderator

    Hey Sam

    You can achieve this functionality by setting up two triggers:

    One that sets a tag, e.g. "status_onhold", if the ticket is updated and the status is changed to on-hold.

    One that removes the tag if the ticket is changed from on-hold and updated.

    Then in the conditions for your SLA, you state "tag -> contains none of the following -> status_onhold".

    Hope this can be of some assistance to you

    With #helpsome regards,
    Simon Blouner
    Zendesk Consultant @

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing Simon!

    I did also want to point out that you could apply the Status > is not > On-hold thus removing the need to create two separate triggers to accomplish this.

    @Sam is the end goal here that you're trying to prevent the policy from being applied to the ticket if it's on-hold or are you trying to pause a target when the ticket status is set to on-hold?

  • Roos van Arragon

    Brett, there is no possibility to apply the condition 'Status > is not > On-hold'. I can only find the condition 'tags > is not ....'.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Ahh apologies for that Roos!

    I may have misunderstood where we were setting these conditions up and was referring to trigger conditions instead of SLA conditions.

    Appreciate you following up!


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