Improve Internal Note UI/UX


  • Chris Norris
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    I agree 100%. We do technical support and the notes we send to the customer are a completely different thing from our internal ticketing notes.

    An Example would be = Internal Note: Explained to the user how to power cycle their modem and sent them the link. If this does not fix the issue please send to Tier 2.

    But the Public Note would just need to have the instructions.

    Having these 2 fields is great but please give us the ability to break them up.

  • Stephen Belleau
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    I know this is a repeat ask, but I'll upvote it every time I see it! Separating these would prevent the agents from having to stay on ticket, submit, switch to private, edit, submit again. Multiple clicks would be saved, and it would be a more intuitive experience.


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