Add Guide Managers activities to Audit Log


  • Michael H

    @Ryan: After reading Aneta's comments, I'm going to say that no - the Guide History has room for improvement in the areas she and others need.

    One of the key issues with Guide History based on my reading of Aneta's post (and what i've just looked at from my perspective), is three fold.

    1. You can ONLY view the history information of a specific article IF you are on Professional or higher plan,
    2. Team Publishing workflows are only available to users on the Enterprise plan, and
    3. With Team Publishing, it is only possible to assign an article to a specific individual agent, not a group of agents, which can impact the ability for approvals to go to the right agent (because that doesn't seem to be pre-definable), and for other persons within that agent's group to know there is an article pending approval (creating impacts for articles being stuck in a queue because someone is on leave, or someone isn't monitoring their queue or activities during an unplanned absence etc, different groups within a company responsible for different content, and inability to handle multi-level/group approval processes).

    For anyone not on these plans, you have to pursue alternative means to achieve these outcomes depending on the need (being to either search through the History tab to find the events for a specific article; or use other methods and resources for tracking approval processes and statuses).

  • Kim Lake

    agree with the above - we need to have visibility of who is making changes to Guide settings such as permissions, themes, category structure etc - not just article versions.


  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Aneta,

    I don't believe this is related to the EAP that this community topic is about. I'm going to move this to the Guide product feedback area.

    In response to your post however, information with regards to which users performed what actions are contained in the Guide History functionality. This allows you to do quite a bit of sorting and filtering to see which users performed which actions. Are there events or functionality that you're looking for in this view that's not available?



  • Stassa Miller
    Community Moderator

    Is there any other option for notification of changes/updates to guide?  I also wish to have this feature in audit log.  I also wish to know how to remove the "add a new user in Support" option in signed -in Users in the guide.


    1. The History view does not include events for actions by end-users or actions taken on categories and sections, themes, moderation, or settings.

    2. I cannot see when users are created that may or may or may not have access to information they do not need.

    3. I am not notified when users have been deactivated by a Guide mgr, that still need access to support.

    4. If the entire guide gets deleted, we would not know until we are seeking an article or a client informs us.

    5. No audit trail to explain who and what changes were made when and by whom.


    Why is it a problem:

    Over 30 users were created with no log or notification that they had access to submit tickets.  They should not have access to view confidential ticket information, we have contractors and corporate users.

    The users were created without domains, groups, tags, etc.

    No SOC compliance with no audit trail to setting changes and user adds 

    No proactive way to manage which guide admin/mgrs need training.


    How to resolve:

    remove the button to add users and add changes to the audit log under a different tab titled guide.


    How big is the problem:




  • Camila Ribeiro Leao Santos

    Ótima sugestão! Irá facilitar muito o acompanhamento.


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