Software/Web App recommendations for keeping track of content (macros, dynamic content)


  • Andrei Kamarouski
    Community Moderator

    Hi Katie, 
    that's a very interesting question!
    I don't know solutions like this, but would love to know too if they exist! 

    As part of the Pythia development, we are working now on better macros analytics and management dashboard. Could you please share a bit more details about what do you need to manage your audits? What should be the features? 

  • Katie Towne

    Hi Andrei,

    Thanks for responding! I look forward to seeing if anyone has any suggestions.

    As far as what I'm typically auditing for, I tend to focus on the verbiage that we're using in order to see if we need to make improvements, etc. 

    Here's what I'd love to have in an ideal state (right now it's definitely not ideal and it can take a very long time to get all of these things in one place):

    • Macro/dynamic content name
    • Content of the macro/dynamic content (i.e. what it says)
    • List of languages we have translations for
    • Tags on the macro
    • (Ideal but not not sure how scalable) How often the macro is used
    • (ideal but not sure how this'd work) CSAT of tickets that the macro was used on (this isn't something I'm currently tracking because it's quite difficult but this would actually be really cool)
    • Last updated date/updated by (the updated by would be super helpful; I'm technically the only person who should be touching content but this is definitely not the case)

    I think this is about all that I'm currently looking for and Pythia sounds super exciting! 

  • Andrei Kamarouski
    Community Moderator

    Hi Katie, 
    thank you for your detailed answer! 
    I understand your use case and completely agree on! The idea of CSAT stats sounds especially perfect!  

    Actually, we are going to cover most of these features (excl 'updated by' - Zendesk doesn't provide this information). Maybe not all in first release, but most of them. I would be happy to see you among your first testers – feel free to contact me via hello[at] 

  • Justin

    Hi Katie,

    Your use-case sounds like it is well beyond the default capabilities of Zendesk. I could see this being accomplished with a custom app within Zendesk, or an external application using the Zendesk API.

    You could even stick to exporting to a google sheet if you are looking for a fast solution, but then have a google script handle the export and import automatically. Good news is, I have the foundation all ready to go for you with a couple of examples for exporting data; see my post here.

    I love customising Zendesk, so if you aren't into doing the heavy lifting yourself, I'm sure I would be able to help you. I can work with almost any budget and would be happy to have a chat more specifically about your requirements if you'd like.


  • Matt Savage

    This won't solve all the bullets (tracking macro usage beyond the default 7-day retention requires a great deal of hands-on attention- we require all shared macros to use a tag `m[macro_id]` for retaining this data long-term.  CSAT isn't directly tied but you could do this via tagging) but another tool that might help is a private Git repository via Github.  You can export all the macro data through the zendesk API in JSON format.  For ease, there are many libraries & online converters (beware of those for privacy reasons) who can turn that .json file into a .csv for use in Sheets/Excel.

    If you follow that process consistently, Git is an excellent tool for versioning & change tracking.  This method requires a little technical skill, but most of it can be pretty easily googled if you're willing to put in some legwork on the setup. 

    Bonus: this can be done totally for free, with no dependencies outside of your control.


  • Rouwhorst, O.T. (Oscar)

    Dear all,

    I have found a nice way to track usage of our macro's in Zendesk by adding tags to them (which makes it possible to report on them via Explore).

    I have investigated this matter, also using Zendesk help articles;

    A unique tag is placed when the macro is run. In order to uniquely identify macro's I have added the tag description ('macro_tag_1', 'macro_tag_2", etc to optional description field of each macro tag. Ofcourse, you could also use meaningful functional names instead numbers.

    This way it will be possible to track how often macro's are being used in general, but also specifically that, for example the macro with identifier 'macro-tag-x' has been used ten times, but the rest not at all.

    For all new macro's we have to remember to add an auto-tag rule and new tag too. This way will can also start tracking any new macro.

    Using Zendesk Explore we can build a query/report/dashboard allowing in depth analysis of macro usage. Across the company and per team of agents, etc.

    I can image that other Zendesk users could benefit from a similar approach.


  • Katie Towne

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I'm looking to keep track of an inventory of content vs usage. Tags are most definitely already used.

    I'll take a look at the github suggestion to see if it meets our security standards. Thanks a mill!


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