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    Hi Kate,

    Looks like Amy replied to your post here

    I've copied her response below for you as well:

    Hi Kate! The first metric is looking for: the handle time on updates / made by agents/admins / that include a public comment / and occurred in the same timestamp as the first reply event.

    If you want to find all other handle time, you could start with a couple small adjustments to that metric.

    To start, you'd need to look for timestamps that are not equal to the first reply timestamp. You may also want to exclude the public comment condition, since agents may work on a ticket without leaving a public comment. The result would look something like this:

    SELECT AVG( SELECT Total Time Spent (min) BY Ticket Updates WHERE Updater Role IN (Agent, Admin) AND Ticket updated (minutes) <> (SELECT Timestamp: First agent reply BY Ticket Id))
    Note that Public Comment = true is gone completely, and = becomes <> in that timestamp bit at the end.

    This finds handle time for agent/admin updates on any timestamp except the first reply event. Those timestamps are in whole minutes, though, so this will be skewed if you have multiple agent updates in the same minute.

    Please note: These are for demonstration purposes only. Zendesk does not support custom code. There are a lot of moving parts here, and this type of reporting is always susceptible to edge cases and outliers. I can't guarantee it for all use cases, and I strongly recommend that you audit your results.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!



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