Quickly mark lots of tickets as spam. (No Automations required)


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing this workaround Stewart :)

    Appreciate you taking the time to write this up!

  • Walter

    Thanks for the help Stewart, this was a lifesaver.

    For those of you who are not developers, like me, this is a very handy work around if you use it right.  Let me help break it down and provide additional notes for newbies like me.

    Copy and paste the entire code above into a notepad or your preferred editor.  In my case, the spam was coming from China so the search parameters were different. I edited the following section:

      if (value.subject.indexOf("д")>=0


    Instead of searching for "л" & "д", I added chinese characters.  See my version:

    if (value.subject.indexOf("请")>=0


    In any case, whether you need to update the search parameters or not, open your browser to your zendesk agent portal.  I use Google Chrome on a PC so for me I just hit CTRL+Shift+J on the keyboard.  A window will popout. Paste the code Stewart provided or your own edited version and hit Enter.  I had to repeat these steps several times before it marked them all.  VERY IMPORTANT - Like Stewart mentions above, you have to enable Password Access in your API settings first!

  • Matt Farrington Smith

    This is super cool! Thanks all for going to the effort.

    I'm wondering whether it would be possible to adapt the code to run on threads/posts in the forum environment too?



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