Wrong Organization in my reports



  • Amy Dee
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Samire! This is most likely due to the difference between Organization and Ticket Organization in the data model. We have details in this article: Difference between "Organization" and "Ticket Organization" in Insights.

    Basically, Organization is a separate dataset for organization data, like the date an organization was created or the value in an organization field. It is connected to user data through the user's current primary organization, and users are connected to ticket data through the ticket requester. That means Organization (and all organization fields, including Organization Name) will show the ticket requester's current primary organization, regardless of where the ticket was assigned.

    Ticket Organization is an attribute on the ticket, and it shows the current organization value on the ticket. It does not connect to any additional organization information. It's just a ticket property.

    If your users can belong to multiple organizations, or if their organizations change over time, you'll start to see differences between these two. In your example, the requester's current primary organization is Org A, while the ticket was assigned to a secondary organization (Org B). I'd expect Organization to show Org A and Ticket Organization to show Org B in that case.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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