Allowing End Users to See All Tickets within Organization Requests Without Selecting the Organization


  • Travis Tubbs

    This has been a common request from our customers since switching to Zendesk about a month ago. Our old service provider allowed those with access to multiple organizations to see all those tickets in a single view along with filtering by specific organization.

    It would great to see this implemented in Zendesk as managers and supervisors for a number of our customers want to easily see this information without having to go through each org one-by-one.

  • Yamile Martinez

    We have the same issue and it has become a mission to satisfy our very picky customers.....we created outside of Zendesk a dashboard that will display them all tickets in one view with drill down detail views to the ticket.

    There are many things that Zendesk does not provide that are basic in other applications; i have been working with them a little over a year and i am extremely disappointed at the lack of consideration in modifying their features.

    In addition, in a world where the Customer is always right; they have the worst view for the customers. They do not have dashboards, a way to export their data and simple searches of a ticket number regardless of the Organization is not possible.  Customers rate us and constantly are asking for features that i get a Not Possible answer through the support.  Therefore, we get rated poorly on some of these lack of ability to do things do to frustration on the customer.

    The other feature i am extremely disappointed is that there is no way not even if you are an admin, after the ticket is closed to modify the fields; therefore, the data being reported is always wrong.

    we have several levels of support and we have very short SLAs, the tickets are solved quickly but for reporting we need certain fields to reflect correctly like Request Type (our custom field).  This is a field which is difficult to know since after the development reviews, it may change it from Defect to Inquiry since it is not a true bug.  These are the challenges that we face daily and with no way to adjust these fields to reflect correctly we feed the data to a place where we manually manipulate to show the correct results to our clients.

    We are exhausted doing manual adjustments; if Zendesk does not allow flexibility then we may exit this application all together.   SAD but they should look at this since this is what keeps the customers from coming.




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