Explore vs channels: understanding where a ticket originated


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    According to a few comments (example) I've seen around here, Explore seems to use the same Ticket Via attribute GoodData uses (?).

    Is there any extra attribute with more info/data? Will there be?

  • Joe Beaudoin
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Pedro,

    Thanks for your comments!

    If you have a developed workflow that involves creating custom ticket fields in your forms to cover ground that's not natively accounted for, it might interest you in continuing that workflow -- even with the addition of Explore.

    Much like with Insights, Explore takes the data that's compiled in your support product and arranges it in queries based on the attributes you select. So, it'd be the same as with Insights that you still need something recording the data you find relevant to give Explore something to query for.

    The attribute "ticket via"s equivalent "ticket channel," but it functions off of the same kind of information; namely, how the ticket arrived in Zendesk. I don't believe the Explore Team has any plans to add new native fields that would correspond exactly with your custom fields and the values you track, so I'd continue with the drop down approach and build out your queries with those attributes for your reporting needs.

    In case you'd like to have a look at the attributes and metrics in Explore, here's a reference article for your convenience:


    I hope this helps to clarify things!


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