Incomplete data when viewing dashboard


  • Jeremy Heath
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    I get similar to this, im often having to close any dashboards and queries and do a F5 refresh then reopen the dashboards again.

    It seems the queries etc time out if you have been sat looking at it too long or have been on a another tab

    Then when you return it cant seem to draw the chart unless you close and refresh everything again.

    I have a load of number boxes and they just sit spinning forever until u close and refresh.

    And worst we only have a tiny desk with 500-1000 tickets god knows what it would be like if we had thousands.....


    Its quite annoying, i shall be glad when ive made my templates so i rarely have to go back in there.

  • Patrick Bosmans
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    Hello Rafael,

    I am going to spin up a ticket to see what we can find by testing the behavior that is being exhibited and connecting with our Explore team on what expected behavior should be. 

    You should be receiving an email from me shortly.


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