Date ranges, How to make a last 7 days properly?


  • Nick Dushack
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Jeremy,

    I would recommend utilizing the 'Ticket Created - Day of week' filter if you wanted to include/exclude a specific day of the week from your report. What may be better in this instance is to use the metric 'Tickets Created - Last 7 Days'. If you are wanting to manipulate the outcome with a different metric and using a filter as you are now, then I would recommend using 'Ticket Created - Date', and switching the range to '7 days in the past' 'To the end of Yesterday'.

    I hope this gets you in the right direction Jeremy!

  • Marty Whitby

    I have used the 'Tickets Created - Last 7 Days' metric and the query was using UTC for the ticket created date instead of the system timezone (AEDT). This meant that the query was not displaying accurate data.

    ZD support informed me that this is expected behaviour when I raised a support ticket and the timezone will correct itself when displayed in a dashboard. This makes it difficult to ensure that a query is correct before adding it to a report for circulation.

    I hope that this is a bug that gets squashed soon.






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