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  • Joe Beaudoin
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    Hey Gadi!

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I was able to create what I believe to be a helpful query within the Explore platform, given your specifications:

    The dataset (top left) I chose was Ticket Events, and I used the COUNT (agent updates) metric. The additional Row components to the report are Updater Name, Updater Login - Date, and Updater Role. After selecting updater role, I went back to the attribute under rows and selected it to filter the types of users I wanted to see:

    That got rid of any updates done by end users.

    Hopefully this helps!

  • Gadi Vered
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    Hi Joe, this is a really detailed step by step and I appreciate it.

    What's really weird is that when I'm looking for this Metric in the DataSet you mentioned, I don't see it at all.

    I also see duplicate data sets for every named dataset showing, not sure what is happening.



  • Joe Beaudoin
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    Hey again, Gadi,

    Thanks for following up!

    So first things first, "repeat" datasets don't necessarily mean something's broken. In Explore, you can create copies of the datasets that already exist:

    That section comes from the article Choosing and Creating Datasets. Feel free to have a look for further context!

    If you select the button "New Dataset" and choose to name it the same thing as the dataset that already exists, it will display as what looks like a "duplicate" of sorts. Here's an example of that sort of behavior where I created datasets with either similar or the exact same name as other pre-configured datasets:


    Regarding the metric you're looking for:

    • Start on the Queries tab and select "Create Query"
    • We want the pre-build dataset named "Support: Ticket Events"
    • Once in the query builder, click "Add" next to Metrics and select Updates > Agent Updates

    You should then be able to add the Rows and Filters I mentioned in my first reply, giving you what I hope is a query equivalent to the Insights report you initially referenced.

    Give this a shot and if you're still experiencing issues, reach back out and we'll bring things into a ticket!

  • Gadi Vered
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    Hi again Joe, thanks for the followup, I am just not seeing it.

    1. See this short screen grab here depicting the steps:

    Can you create a support ticket on my behalf for this?

    2. Regarding the multiple datasets - what happens if I delete all the datasets? can my Explore account be reset? I feel like there is something has gone awry since I was an EAP user.

  • Joe Beaudoin
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    Hey Gadi,

    Thanks for keeping me in the loop on this.

    I'll be reaching out in a ticket to you, directly!

    Talk soon.

  • Jolyon Hogarth-Scott
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    This is by far the simplest way I have found to get the report (I've tried various other ways to show this); would you have a suggestion on how to.

    • Only show active account
    • Show account that have been created but never activated (so active but never logged on)



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