Unable to Export a query to Excel


  • Tiago Simão
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    Hi Alex! I'll be setting up a ticket so that we can work together on this issue. Please expect an email back soon :)

  • Violeta Micu
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    Hi. The issue that i encountered is that i am trying to export into excel format 1272 lines with 10 columns. It shows that is loading but seems that the file cannot be exported.

    Is there a limit regarding the no. of lines or columns? 

    Thank you

  • Patrick Bosmans
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    Hello Violeta,

    The limit for export is up to 500k rows, so your request should be well within the limits. I am going to create a ticket for you where we can get some more account specific information to see what happened in this case.

    You should be receiving an email from me shortly.


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