Add Minimum Date Function to Formula Builder to Identify First Time A Ticket was Assigned to Person


  • Jimmy Ra

    Hi Becca,

    Have you checked out the Support: Ticket Updates dataset? You may be able to create a query for what you're looking for by using the Assignee reassignments metric and playing around with the filters to only include updates for your Tier 3 support group. 

  • Becca

    Hi Jimmy - Unfortunately I don't think the Assignee reassignments metric will do it for me as I need to capture the first time (and only that time) a ticket was assigned to a person and aggregate that on  weekly basis.

  • Bill Cicchetti

    I have the same goal.  The SLA tracks the time between a ticket created to first reply which is good for measuring the level of service provided to our clients but we also want to measure the efficiency of our staff in terms of the amt of time it takes for a agent to reply to the client after being assigned the ticket.


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