Managing Datasets in Explore


  • Chris Bulin
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    I've had this same issue multiple times. I would love to be able to clone a query into a new dataset.

  • Jeremy Heath
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    Ive had to recreate all mine several times now, its a pain.

    It would be better if you could switch the query onto a different data set and adjust it if needed

    The button top left that shows the dataset would be the best way really then when you recreate a dataset you can just swop them to the new one.

  • Bill Cicchetti
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    I was told by ZD support that you can try copying queries from one dataset to another but if there are queries involving tags and such

    "In general, if you have old dataset you can try to copy queries/report to new one if tag reporting or calculated metrics were not used. Please take note, you may need to create new dataset ->not clone it because if you will clone all dataset they will have exactly have the same problems"


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