Allow custom fields in Backlog Dataset


  • Pete Holborow

    I would also very much like this functionality.

  • Martin

    This would hugely improve the value of the dataset.

  • Jason

    This would be a massive benefit to our internal reporting. 

  • This level of info would be precious! Our Backlog reports are handicapped, once custom fields are the base of our tickets operation!

  • Becca

    Agree with all of the above comments. Custom fields are crucial to our team's workflow and we need a way to measure trends over time.

  • Samantha Bellach

    This would be hugely valuable, as aforementioned by others here. 

    Why can't backlog be filtered by Ticket form? 

    Is there a plan to add more ticket attributes to the backlog Explore data pool to be able to filter by?   I attempted to do a calculation on Ticket Form within brands but the data set available to me is extremely limited.

    Is Zendesk planning to add at least a few more attributes into the Backlog Explore dataset? 

  • Melvin Magro

    I would also like to have this functionality. Would be advantageous for our company


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