Make Reports Resize Dynamically


  • Wesley Bowles

    Fully agreed here, need the ability for a single dashboard to scale correctly across multiple screen sizes 

  • Mathew luby

    Absolutely agree this is a must. I die a little inside when I have to make a graph so large just to see the values

  • Greg Vowles

    Yep this sucks at the moment. We use Explore to create Monthly Service reports for our customers, where we list out tickets raised during the period and another list of any outstanding, open tickets. Because the lists constantly vary in size, it is complete ball-ache to have to adjust the rest of the report to "fit". It also removes our ability to schedule the reports because we always have to manually adjust them first.

    All that is needed is for the widget that the table sits on to dynamically grow with the table...

    Come on Zendesk! This should be easy - We need this!


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