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  • Jonathan Goodwin

    Seconded! I have to send a daily dashboard update everyday to an internal listserv and it's really frustrating to do duplicative work. Kind of a no-brainer to add this functionality, but I do appreciate the complexities of the product and understand it's in beta.

    I suppose there is a workaround to my situation where I'd create a user with the listserv's email address, but I shouldn't be required to pay for an extra license to share info directly with my team.

    Hear! hear! to the the embedded dashboards. That'd be really handy for my team.

  • Jillian S. Arthur

    Ditto to sharing outside of agents and embedding. 

  • Jeremy Heath

    Add me to this , ive made several posts already on needing this, if we could embed them into guide pages the customer can come and go as he likes to view his data

  • Tim Shannon

    Yes, I agree this would be very helpful for our org.

  • Jeremy Heath


    Is there any movement on this?

    If i have a customer inside my desk, they are already registered with me .

    So whats the difficulty in me being allowed to send a report direct to that customer within my system?

    Its secure because they are within the system.

    I cant do it to Agents because my agents dont get reports.


    So currently i have to invite my account on the publish section then send the report to myself then save it to my pc, then use the company email system to send it to a customer... what a PITA


    Please just allow internal customers to be able to receive these reports

  • Chris Bulin

    We also used this functionality in Insights and it would be very helpful to have it again rather than exporting and emailing that information out by hand on a monthly basis.

  • Joan Ling

    I want to be able to share reports with our management team who don't have access to Zendesk, this functionality would certainly make the process much quicker and efficient.

  • Wesley Bowles

    This is crucial in my opinion as more often than not, the people I need to share reports with are not direct Zendesk users and requiring a paid license just to view the reports isn't scalable.

  • Marcel

    Bumping and upvoting this feature request as well, such a basic feature of almost any reporting tool, incl. Insights back then.

  • Hayley Barber

    Bumping also - the internal stakeholders who need to see our monthly aggregate reporting don't need access to Zendesk, and like others, I don't want to double up on work!

  • Phil Shackleton

    I was told in December this was promised for Q1 2019. Can we get an official update please?

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi all,

    Many thanks for your feedback.

    We fully appreciate the importance to share dashboards with stakeholders who may not have a full Support seat. There are three items that we are considering:

    1. Being able to share access with individuals without requiring them to have a full Support seat
    2. Being able to schedule a dashboard to be periodically sent to individuals who do not have a full Support seat
    3. Being able to embed dashboards in websites / intranets

    We are still discussing some implementation details. We will get back to the community shortly with an ETA.

    In the meantime, we will soon be releasing a new scheduling experience.

    Kind regards


  • Jeremy Heath


    As long as the user whom we want to send to can be added to the system (he has an account) what is the harm. It is within the system so its secure.

    Even if you created a "report" account type (choose your own word) and we added that user as a particular type of user

    Or a tickbox "does user require reports", that would be fine and then they appear on the dashboard recipient list. So we can schedule to them.

    You could add it so that when the report is issued its added to their account and they can download it from there. But this requires work on their part and the people i have to send reports too dont have time to be messing about. They expect the report in the mail at a specific time. (maybe better having a backup solution accessible from their zendesk user account) so they can download x months of reports if they need to.

    Or allow their account to have a email transport address box where we can put a specific email so it gets sent to that email, which can be different from the domain and if we add a mail in that address box it shows on the recipients list.


    You need to forget about seats this has nothing to do with your pricing model.

    It has to do with our support model i.e. our customers not yours

    They expect us to provide reports on how we are providing support to them (nothing to do with zendesk)
    Our customers expect data from us, how many tickets their staff are creating, how quickly our techs are fixing the servers etc etc.

    So dont approach it from the perspective of are we trying to dodge Agent seats and lose Zendesk money, i can emphatically say NO we are not, we are trying to provide our customers the service they want.

    Zendesk is a tool for us that we use to provide that support


    Give us a page/section in the guide area (or a similar type section).

    Or add a reports page to the user profile when he logs in so he can view his report if he needs to, it won't be live but at least it's something. 

    I have to produce weekly and monthly reports that are emailed to the customer about our service we provide so you can imagine how much grief your system provides me atm.

    Please get this opened up in some form or other so i can send the reports direct to that customer every Monday morning and with a page to view so he can have a look at on Wednesday if he feels like it.

    Please remember not everyone uses Zen like you do, we certainly dont, i would imagine your superiors (in the support side etc) expect reports and i would bet they get them.

    So why would you restrict us from doing what our customer needs?


    And one final comment 

    Please remove the Explore logo advert from the dashboard mails, it's completely pointless for the people i send to, and it looks unprofessional for the level of people we send reports to. And why would you have an advert that only goes to Admins and Agents? doesn't make any sense.

    Hope this helps

  • Chris Bulin

    If it helps anyone else, we have done the following:

    Create a group of just myself and send scheduled image reports to me. I have a forwarding rule in Outlook that then forwards those reports to the email for a specific slack channel. Then I can invite anyone I like to that channel so they can review reports.

    We also use the same method, but send a CSV file, that file gets forwarded to an internal email that saves the file to our shared drive, then that drive is used as a data source for Tableau, so that it can be captured with the data for the rest of the organization. It would be exceedingly helpful if there was an integration for Tableau like Salesforce has.

  • Abilbao


    I think that it is interesting to have the possibility to share a Panel by a public HTTP URL. This way you can publish the "report" to everyone, put it in your Inranet/Internet Web page...

  • Phil Shackleton

    Hi Jeremy,

    We were promised this feature at the time of signing a contract at the end of last year. We were told then it was due to be launched in Q1 2019. Can you please provide an update on this feature? It’s essential for us to be able to share reports with our clients.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Phil -

    Jeremy is not a Zendesk employee. As a rule, we don't provide specific ETAs in the community, and the general ones we do share always come with the caveat that timelines may change at any time and are not guaranteed. If a promise was made to you by your account executive, your best bet is to reach back out to them directly. Sometimes they have insights or advance information they can share privately that we cannot publish publicly in the forum.

    That being said, I have reached out to the product team for Explore to see if there are any updates we can share. Since Vincent just updated this thread a couple of weeks ago, there may not be anything additional yet. But we'll see what they come back with.

  • Jeremy Heath

    @Nicole thx for the clarification there :)

    I would like Vincent to read that last post i made the long one so it clarifies our position from the users side

    If it becomes all about Zendesk we wont get what we are trying to achieve, Zendesk gives reports to share holders / higher ups id guess so why cant we ??

    I just dont get this reluctance from Zendesk to allow us to send reports to people within the system.

    Anyway dont get me started again...

    If Vincent wants to start a chat so i can explain the ideas properly i can make time for him.



  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Jeremy,

    Many thanks for sharing your feedback, you raise interesting points.

    At Explore, our mission is to help you measure and improve your customer experience. Creating awareness around an issue, sharing specific findings or simply providing visibility re. SLAs, Customer Satisfaction etc. is instrumental in achieving that mission. So, don't be mistaken - it's of utmost importance to us that you can easily deliver your message as & to whom you see fit.

    What does that mean? We want to help you reach persons that need a piece of information, in the format that is most appropriate, when it will have the most impact. Even if recipients don't have access to Zendesk.

    The 3 areas I listed previously indicate the main avenues we are considering to address that need (granting access to an interactive dashboard, scheduling dashboards, embedding dashboards). You mentioned another interesting idea (surfacing reports/dashboards in Guide / user profile), which we will validate with the community.

    We acknowledge that a large number of stakeholders who need your analyses may not have a seat in Zendesk, which is why I clarified that recipients should not need a full Support seat. However my comment was not implying anything about pricing/packaging. Regardless, we still need a way to represent these stakeholders in the Zendesk ecosystem somehow, as you may later on want to report on who has viewed dashboard X or report Y. 

    I hope that clarifies my earlier post.

    As regards to the Explore logo, it's part of our branding strategy.



  • Jeremy Heath

    Personally its quite simple from my perspective (which obviously isn't as a developer although i used to make automation software for windows in the past)

    What we need to do is make the 2 visions align so we get the best of both



    Can we have another type of User? Recipient or Email User some title like that so when we create the user we can select them. Give them no access to the system so they are just an outbound conduit to an email account, a forwarder for want of a better word..

    Then this user doesn't need special permissions or account just a box that says email address and a Name that's all they need.

    And when we choose them in explore it just bounces the mail straight to them. you could probably do most of that with some API tunnel out.


    When the user we create logs into the section where you can see the tickets, make another tab next to following called Reports and just have a page that the current report goes to  via html or whatever it exports in .jpg so just add a picture frame and add the jpg, the next report cancels the previous etc etc


    Guide. This would be the really good one if we had a page there with multiple tabs so we can add from explore.

    You would probably have to show the page in Explore so we can build right into it the charts we want them to see and it updates per our agreement level.

    Then they can login to the guide and see that page to check if they want

    Or maybe add a new page to the guide structure that can only be viewed by that person so he can use the


    I dont actually think we should be allow reports to be sent out into the unsecured world unless they have an account with me so we know where the reports are going and if i blacklist someone it kills the reports of as well. I would imagine its safer keeping it to some kind of account.

    I was trying to be rude earlier about seats, but ive seen too many software train wrecks happen where the devs are forced to do the company line not what the customers want which is why i mentioned it.

    Zendesk is very restrictive for me in a lot of ways and i didnt want to add another one for the fun off it. ( Bear in mind i dont use zendesk like most do :) )

    Lets hope you find a way and thanks for listening

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Jeremy,

    Many thanks for sharing your additional ideas, which we will consider when working on that epic.

    Early feedback on your suggestions:

    1 & 2 - Creating another type of User with restricted access: that is definitely one of the solutions to represent some stakeholders that need access to analytics and/or side conversations. It's under discussion.

    3 - Exposing reports in Guide has been suggested a couple of times in the community - I see huge potential there but that will likely not fit in the first iteration.

    Kind regards


  • Phil Shackleton

    Hello, any updates yet on these features?

  • Vincent Dollet

    Hi Phil,

    We are making some progress with the development of step #1 above ("Being able to share access with individuals without requiring them to have a full Support seat"). I'll reach out to you email to see if you're interested in seeing the designs and share early feedback,

    Kind regards


  • Imre Szabo-Dobozy

    A 100% requirement for us as well. We would publish and embed dashboards within our site for customers to access 'as required'. 

    Obviously things like auto-refresh would be a necessity.


  • Jeremy Heath

    Im still interested in this as well..

  • Tobias Hermanns

    Yes, mee too, please share some more insight.

  • Tyler

    Same here, very interested!

  • Kalle Windefalk

    Same here. Interested!

  • Maria Karenda

    Same here! Really need the functionality of sharing with people without a Support seat.



  • Stassa Miller

    @JeremyHeath, please let me know how you are currently sending out your Monday reports?


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