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    Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Candace,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    As part of Explore EAP, we currently enable reporting for the following Guide functionality:

    • Knowledge Capture, which aims at helping you understand how content is created or used by your team(s)
    • Answer Bot, which intends to help you understand how to maximize ticket deflection

    In addition, we are planning to release a Team Publishing dataset in October.

    And we are planning a lot more reporting around Guide / Help Center next year. One of the key themes revolves around content consumption.

    What are the main questions you would like us to help you answer?

    Kind regards


  • Candace Alexandres
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    Hi Vincent, 

    Thanks for the follow up! Glad you'll be expanding Guide reporting capabilities further in the future. As a start, it would be great to be able to run reports on views on the individual article level, section level, and category level so that we can see what content is being consumed more than others.

    As a layer on that, one of the top questions that we want to be able to answer is how is our content being consumed by different types of users? Ideally we'd be able to look at views (total and by articles) by user segment (which we have setup using a custom user field). In our case, we have Managed service client, Self Service client, Employee, etc.  We need to be able to see which segments of users are using the Help Center and what they’re looking at most.

    Another needed feature is the option to exclude views by content editors, so the act of editing/reviewing/publishing is not inflating numbers. 

    It would also be nice to be able to specify what we think a view should be. If someone clicks onto a page and clicks away almost immediately, we wouldn't want to call that a successful visit.

    Thanks for your consideration,


  • Mary Paez
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    In the current ticketing UI, there is an option to Export # articles created for each support agent. It shows draft & published counts.  Is this also going to be added to explore.  This is a very important way to get a monthly and quarterly look at ownership of articles, growth of KB, and backlog (to be published).  

  • Chandra
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    Mary, can you tell me where this Help Center Data / Articles created per agent export can be found? I don't see it anywhere. Is it only available with Guide Enterprise?

    I would love to see the number of articles created per agent, the number of views by article, the number of subscriptions, and the number of votes.  I would also like to be able to filter views by date and by user segment. At the very least it would be extremely helpful to be able to filter out agent views. Additionally, I'd like to be able to include articles that have had NO views within a specific timeframe because it would allow us to know which articles need to be archived or are not easy to find.

    We have figured out how to do some of this using Google Analytics and using a custom app, but if it were all centralized within Zendesk's native reporting functionality it would be much more efficient.

  • Kourtney Stuthard
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    We are also interested in reporting that could help us determine how helpful our content is to our customers and how we can improve it. In particular, we want to know bounce rates, average time on page, average session length, etc. We also want to be able to filter by date and compare data to past periods. 

    It would be great if we could collect this data through Zendesk rather than Google Analytics!

  • Chris Bulin
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    We would like to be able to capture some information around our Community posts. For example, we are considering decommissioning this feature for low use, but we are literally just adding up the number of comments by hand. It would be great if those were counted the same way tickets are in support.

  • Thomas D'Hoe
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    Any updates about advanced guide reporting?


  • Melody Quinn
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    I would like to also know if there have been any updates. 

  • Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Melody, all,

    On the Guide side, Team Publishing reporting is planned in 2020. We're also working on the scope and timeline for Knowledge Base & Community reporting, and are planning to share more information in the next few months.

    Thank you for your continued patience,


  • Alina Vashurina
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    Thanks for the update! Can't wait to get all reporting staff released. So much needed.  


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