Hide some fields from the widget


  • Brett - Community Manager

    Hi Abdelhakim,

    You should be able to hide the name field directly from the Web Widget settings page. Screenshot below:


    As for hiding the email address field, that would most likely require a bit of JS. I was able to track down some helpful tips in the following post: Hiding system fields in Web Widget

    Hope the above information helps!

  • Abdelhakim Salama

    Hi Sir ,i have a web form developed with python using API, so after creation of tickets using the form on the web site it display to me (API) on the canal, unfortunately this is not what i want .

    please i wanna know how can i change the value of canal (API) to (Web Form), is this possible or not .


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hi Abdelhakim, 

    I saw that you also posted this question several other places. Since this question isn't specific to the EAP, I'm going to close this thread for comments and we'll get you an answer in one of the other threads. 


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