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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    +1 for drill in from the Monitor!

    Also we would love to keep the history shown on the home page where visitors are offered but not served by an Agent.  The reason is the time stats come over which count against the agent that DID serve the visitor. I.e. 45 seconds for reply time when it was really 15 seconds because the visitor waited for 30 seconds with the first agent who unfortunately missed the chat offer.  -- This is related to your wish for drill in on the longest wait time on the Monitor...

    If these kinds of things were included in the chat transcript (private only) and stats, that would be very helpful!


  • Tung Nguyen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Scotty,

    Thank you for raising the issue. Although we don't have any plan to support click-to-drill-down for Monitor metrics, one work around for this is to find the missed Chats using the search functionality in History. In History search, you can drill down to the missed Chats using the "Missed" filter under the "Chats Served" section. This Help article could be helpful to you:

    By the "number of engagements", did you mean the number of messages sent and received in the Chat? We are not planning to add this to Monitor this year. However, you may also look for Chats with the most messages in two steps:
    1. In History search, set the date range to narrow down to only Chats happening in your period of interest
    2. Click on the "Messages" column in the History view to sort Chat by number of messages.

    Hope this helps!


  • Scotty Loewen

    Hey Tung,


    Thank you for the reply. I'm not concerned about missed chats, I want to be able to cherry-pick the longest waiting customer easily. We are looking to prevent missed chats int he first place by giving our shift leads tactical advantages.


    For the second point, I'm using the term found in your Incremental Chat Export API:

    If an agent engagement is going long, we can do something with that but only if we can find it once we know about it. Knowing that I have a customer who has left chat but continues to use our site for the next three hours gains me nothing. 




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