Minimised chat window in zendesk support



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Lefteris,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. If you want to have chat remained open, it is better off to use the dedicated Chat dashboard. You can open it from the product tray at the top (four square icon).

    An alternative is clicking on the growl notification in the upper right will open the app up.

    Leaving the Chat app open takes most of the real estate in the Support product, it wasn't designed to be left open all the time. The standalone Chat dashboard is a better fit for that requirement.



  • Lefteris Klimentidis
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    Thanks for the speedy reply Ramin. I understand it was not designed in the way we want it, we have recently passed to zopim chat so our team is used to this window format and display and not the dashboard in zopim. Anyay I think if it had the automated feature to expand when a new chat arrives, or an option to keep it open at all times, would be great value.


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