Rich Text in Chats


  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    A big +1 from me on this....would be really really awesome!

  • Eric Komo

    Would LOVE to have that feature! PLEASE :)

  • Jane Dobbie

    I think it's bananas that it can't already be done. It would be so useful for onboarding customers into software platforms. Intercom do it really well, and I would love to use Zendesk Chat in the same way for better customer experience results.

  • Ian Maison

    Agreed, I’ve requested this a couple of times but it was stated they have no current plans to do it.

    It seems such an obvious omission from the chat system which is all about helping people by communicating, so if you can’t do that other than basic text then the ability to convey information, important aspects of text with bold/underline and embedded videos then it’s not very good. Also the function of Shortcuts would be improved greatly with rich text as now it’s really underwhelming with the basic text and no formatting.

    The other platform Jane mentions does exactly what Zendesk Chat should be looking to do.

  • Anne Sandvin

    +1 It makes long answers much easier to read and understand. Please!

  • Nathaniel Thompson

     +1 on this! Especially given the existing markdown support in Zendesk Support, moving over to Chat, and not having the ability to communicate as effectively with users is a huge pain point. This comes up especially when working with topics related to code formatting (for readability and clarity for both the customer, and the agents). Working with technical customers, many of them would love to use formatting in their responses as well.

  • Emil Andersson

    +1 on this, totally agree with the others. 

  • Ana Belén Alonso Martín

    +1 on this, it is very important for my zendesk chat account.

  • Oly M.

    +1 on this, totally agree...

  • Eugenia Mendez Zubieta

    3 years ago and we are still waiting :(

  • Drew

    Yes, please! There are times we want to make word a hyperlink, or bold important information. But nothing yet.
    Please look into this!

  • Matthew Roark

    +1, in addition to being able to insert code spans and blocks (typically done when providing a command, or a log snippet, respectively) – both of which are also part of the existing rich text formatting options in Support.

  • Astrid Hammerstad

    I don't think anyone from ZD is reading these post...


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