Feature Request: Adjust Chat Timeout Period



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding the session timeout behaviour. Currently, we have no plans to make this customisable per account but we are getting more requests for it on the mobile SDK due to network connections being less stable on mobile devices.

    For your case specifically, are your sessions expiring because of a wait time that is longer than 5min? We are looking at improving the persistent nature of the mobile SDK conversations next year and it may include things like push notification support. Once we have something to share that is more concrete, we will let you know.



  • Pedro Rodrigues


  • Heather R

    We should be able to customize this... And/or force end the chat...

  • Niko

    Hey guys,

    I would like to bring up this topic again. We would like to change the timeout time to a longer peroid. It would help us a lot, if you could think about this feature once again.

    We use your chat tool for a live stream as a support for the viewers. Beside that we use it to communicate with the technical guys who set up and manage the stream. So it is important for us, that the technical guys will not disapear after 20 Minutes.


    Thank you very much,


  • Heather R

    ...and for us we would like the time out to be shorter unless you give us the ability to end the chat as the agent.

  • Kris Mendoza

    Our organization would like to have more control over closing chat.  Please make this into a feature going forward.

  • Andrew Ramberg

    Please add the ability to customize the chat session timeouts and allow agents to close chats.  Adding it as a option to enable/disable agent access to this feature from the admin UI might be a good solution.

    We use Routed Chats and when a customer forgets to close their window/widget they repeatedly come back into the queue, passing from one user to the next each time.  Not only is this a distraction for agents but it also causes real chats to be unfairly distributed.  In our scenario an actual chat discussion can last 20 - 60 min.  One of these stale sessions lasts only a couple minutes as the agent checks to see if the user is actually returning for further support or not.  It's an embarrassing scenario, as we're practically pleading with them to close the widget.

    Zendesk Chat works well but lack of this basic feature is significant shortcoming.  Please consider adding this feature so we can recommend Zendesk chat to others in the support community. 

  • Luisina

    Following - We also need this option asap!

  • Eldien Hasmanto

    Waiting for this feature launch !

  • Miles Dunn

    Would love this feature as well. 

  • Philip Upton

    Agree with all the above comments.

    In our case, visitors are returning to the chat long after the agent has left the chat, the chat duration does not take into account the fact that the chat has ended once before. The chat duration then continues to count the 'new' conversation between the same customer and a different agent. This is harming our reports as we see abnormal long durations and the last agent to handle the chat with the customer ends with a very long resolution time. 

    - Ability to force close/end a chat

    - Ability to edit chat timeout period

    - If the agent left the chat, the customer should be made aware that the chat is closed, and would have to specifically choose a) my request is not done b) new chat



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