Add detractor reasons to chat satisfaction survey



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback around more alignment of the Chat CSAT options to that of the Support tickets.

    Currently, we have no immediate plans in 2017 to add satisfaction reasons to the Chat service.

    There are two workaround solutions that you can look at that relies on the Chat-Support ticket integration.

    The first solution could be to turn off the CSAT option in Chat and rely on the Support trigger to send the CSAT survey on the ticket created automatically from the chat after it ends.

    The second option could be to keep the CSAT rating option turned on in Chat and create a trigger in Support to send a followup on the ticket when the ticket channel is Chat and the rating is bad. This would give you and the customer the option to followup on the negative rating. 


  • Benjamin Li
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    Hi Ramin,

    Thanks for the prompt reply and useful information. These are actually the workarounds I thought of initially, thanks!



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