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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi there Robert,

    We have a setting on a agent level called Idle Timeout that changes your status to away after x min of inactivity:

    If you are using chat routing on your account, you can use the Automatic Idle setting to change the agent status after x chats being reassigned (since the agent didn't pick it up).

    You can get more info on that here:



  • Gregory J Cotton
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    The auto-away feature only seems to operate when the Chat Tab is the current application in focus.  Can this be integrated with the Windows OS idle or screen saver (e.g. when screen saver is activated -> Agent is set Away, when User logs back in from screen save -> Agent is set to Online), or with the OS timeout (e.g. if no keyboard or mouse activity within 'x' minutes -> Agent is set to away).


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