Interrupted Chats - diner chats in and is assigned and offered to original chatter



  • Christina Fountain


    I'm concerned about how much this is disrupting my agent workflow. 

    I am having trouble recreating what exactly constitutes a chat that can be resumed.

    Looking at customers who disconnect the chat is appears to be an accident but when I try to recreate the only way I can get the resume chat option to appear is if I actually select to end the chat under the options tab. 


  • Christina Fountain

    Hi Zopim,

    Can you please provide insight into the possibility of not offering the chat back to the original chatter. This would make more sense for the volume of chats we're getting. 

    And we still haven't heard back for why this is happening so much to us.

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Christina,

    I apologise for this slipping through the cracks and not getting a response. In general, if you want a response from somebody at Zendesk within a reasonable timeframe for your inquiry/question you are better off emailing the support team ( or notifying your account manager.

    Currently, the routing mechanism is not intelligent enough to route chats to an agent they previously talked to if they are available and have not hit their max chat load. I agree that it would be a great enhancement to the chat routing functionality and will let the team/PM responsible for the feature know that you need this capability. There is no plans to add this functionality in the next 3-6 months.

    The only case they would have two agents in the conversation is if the original agent talking to the customer did not close the chat and the visitor returns and then the agent starts typing (moving from listening to the chat to being a participant).

    There is no way to turn off the ability to resume a chat. Can you explain more about the agent’s workflow that causes this issue to happen frequently? Do they not close the chat window once it ends? Are the chats not ended with a shortcut explaining the chat has ended? We don’t hear this feedback often from our customers (this is the first I have heard of it) so it could be a workflow that is causing the pain point to appear.

    The resume button is based on the lifecycle of the chat session, which the visitor controls. There are three scenarios where the chat session ends or expires:

    1. 20sec-2min if visitor closes their browser (range based on visitor internet speed)

    2. Immediately if the visitor ends the chat using the button in widget

    3. 20min of inactivity within the browser tab still open for the visitor (meaning no mouse movement or key presses)




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