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  • Simon van de Westerlo


  • Yunen Yeo


    Thanks for your feedback. Currently we do not have any plans to add the ability to end chats as an action on Triggers. The current workaround is to end chat via JS API. For Dave's use case, you can add a tag whenever the trigger gets fired, then use JS API to check for the tag and end the chat via JS API.

    Hope that helps.

  • Joe Patti

    Definitely would be great to have a trigger to end chat without having to use an API.  I.E. customer is idle, inactive, abandons, hasn't chatted in X seconds, etc., chat sends custom message and closes.

  • Peter Harzewski

    I agree with Joe.  We see some issues with Agent metrics on longer inactive chats that we could better manage if there were a  trigger that alerted customer their session will end due to inactivity.

  • Linda Larsson

    Totally agree, the agents should focus on the active customers and the system should be able to wrap up the ones that drop off.

  • Dan Ross

    There has been a frequent request for this feature across multiple threads. Will Zendesk please reconsider adding this functionality natively and not require users to have development resources available to implement this? 

    Or at the very least, if there's a code sample of how to check for a tag and then use the EndChat API in your documentation, that would get a lot of people going in the right direction!

    Thanks for considering!

  • Patti Handley

    We have a very similar need and use case for a chat end event that can be set by a trigger. We are finding that it is not intuitive or convenient for customers to end a chat. We are seeing that customers are only ending the chat 15% of the time. We really need this functionality on the agent side to have the power to end a chat or have a trigger that can end a chat if the customer is idle, abandons a chat, etc. 

    We are finding that customers will leave chats open, which is causing delayed information in tickets and also random messages are being classified as missed or dropped by our agents. This is causing bad CSAT and negative customer experience. Please consider building the ability to better manage chat end events. 

  • Carolyn Bee

    +1. We would like to implement a chat rescuer with a link to drive customers to submit tickets as an option if they are unable to wait for the next available agent. It would be great to have a trigger that ends the chat if the customer elects to click on the link to submit a ticket instead. 

    The inability to close a chat if a customer has been idle for a certain period of time is also frustrating as it affects our chat duration metrics.

  • Viachaslau Skorbezh


  • Karyna Macedo

    + 1

  • Daniel Westman

    +1 !

  • Justin Fain


  • Ivan De Jesus

    Add trigger to end chat. please

  • Aswin Kannan

    +100 ;)

    Has anyone figured out any workaround? Here's our scenario:

    We have operating hours and usually, there are 10-15 chats waiting in the queue when the operating hours are over. Our agents extend their time to handle these chats (they go invisible and pick them manually from the queue). However, this is not possible when we have 100 chats waiting. So we'd like to set up a trigger that checks if the account is offline and if the visitor is not served, we want to send an automated message like "please contact during business hours" and then end the chat. Is this possible now? TIA!

  • Also upvoted! We have similar usecase. We need to automatically send visitor a message, like "Do You have any questions left?", and then another message like "Have a nise day!" and close a chat, if there is no responce on those messages. Now we can't perform theese actions using triggers. 


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