Only name as mandatory field in the Pre-Chat form



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Vittoria,

    Thanks for your feedback. Without collecting the email address, we cannot send the visitor the chat transcript and your support organization doesnt have the option to follow up on a incident. Are those use cases that don't apply to your company or support team?

    If you already know their email address because they are logged into your app or website, you can use the Javascript API to set the information for them:



  • Jerome Blösser


    I share the wish of Vittoria! In Germany (and maybe all over the world) user are more and more not willing to give their eMail adress just to ask some questions. It would be great to give the Zopim clients the opportunity:

    a) to have it like it is now (email+name) with all the advantages and possibilities to follow the client after the chat

    b) to give the opportunity just to ask for the name (cause it makes sense to know with whom I am talking to!) and sure...  to accept in that case that if there will be an incident to have no chance for further contacts etc.

    or is it a problem with spam roboters then?


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for also sharing your feedback. Like I mentioned earlier, getting the email early is important in the case that the visitor leaves before the chat is picked up or you go offline. Also plays importance in sending the chat transcript post chat.

    Currently, you can turn off the "Require Identity" setting in the pre-chat form and they can choose to fill out just the name or email (or both). Then, you can prompt them in the chat to provide their email and you can update their profile for them or they can do it by clicking on their name in the widget or the "Hi, name" link on the bottom left of the widget.


  • Kundenbetreuung

    Hello Ramin,

    we'd also like the feature that customers only have to provide their name. As far as we've noticed, a lot of them are not willing to start a chat if they have to provide their email first.

    That is unfortunate in order that the chat would offer a very quick possibility to solve their issues, questions and concerns.

    However, we would definitely take the risk of not being able to follow up after the chat ends if the customer did not provide their email in the chat either.

    So just asking for a name would be much more convenient for our users and it would be an important feature for us. I hope you can offer that feature in the future.

    I think it would be not even that big of a problem if you would let Zendesk Chat users choose between name or name+email or none of them (as it is now available already).

    The risk of not being able to follow up on a chat without an email address should be the concern of the concerned business and not of Zendesk Chat. Therefore I think it would be nice if you could offer that feature, especially because other live chat competitors already do. Thanks!



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