Show name beside the IP Adress (WHOIS RIPE Info)


  • James Peterson
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    Hi Joerg,

    Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback.  In order to help our Product Managers better understand your needs, I'd like to gather more information about your situation.

    Could you specify exactly which information you'd like to know about the user?  As you know, WHOIS provides a lot of information, so it'd be helpful to us to know exactly which information you'd like to see.

    Could you also describe what you would do with this information?  Would it help you to prepare for a chat, or perhaps choose whether or not to proceed with a chat if you knew the organization from which it originated?

    Finally, could you describe how you are currently working around this limitation?  Are you manually doing the WHOIS RIPE queries to gather the information, or asking more questions of your visitors?

    -- James Peterson

  • Graham Walsh
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    This feature would be really useful.  It is great to know if the person we are speaking with is an existing customer.  Today we are having to do a quick reverse lookup on . Having this built in would result in better chats for the agents.

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
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    Hi Graham,

    Although we have no plans to add this natively to the product, you can use the apps framework to build an app that does the look up for you.

    Here is the IP address API:



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