[COMPLETED] Zopim's chat should have emojis.



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    Yunen Yeo

    Hi all, 

    We are please to announced the launch of emoji on the Chat agent dashboard. It is currently only supported on modern browsers. Please see our announcement post for more details: https://chat.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011940388

  • Glen Sause

    I strongly agree!! This is a must have for all live chat programs!! I will not pay for a live chat without this feature.

  • Kimberly

    This needs to be added


  • Amie Brennan

    I would love to use emojis in Zopim!

  • Lachlan Menzies

    needs asap!

  • Kris Starline

    Yes, definitely - would be extremely helpful as this is becoming the 'norm' now. Almost like an extension of the alphabet...

  • Conchita Mauro

    I super agree! Emojis are a necessity nowadays for support! Without emojis, chat platforms look outdated :( 

  • Mark Vermaat

    I have been asked for this multiple times by my Agents..  Is this something that is even being considered?


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the feedback. We actually did an exploration on what would be required to support emojis for all the different browsers and it is actually a bigger task than you might think. Especially supporting older versions of Windows and Internet Explorer.

    But I can leave you with a cool tip if you are using a Mac computer.

    Hold down Control + Command + Space and it will open an emoji picker in any window. The emojis will render correctly on the dashboard and widget for Macs and Windows 10.

    We don't have any immediate plans to offer a custom emoji picker that supports older browsers in 2016 as we are committed to finishing some other projects.



  • Your INSITE Concierge Manager

    "What do we want?"


    "When do we want them?"


  • Alyssa Lewandowski

    Emojis would be a great asset to the Zendesk chat and ticketing system. It would bring the conversation more to life and allow a more up to date social media experience. I am 100% TEAM EMOJIs! 

  • Kundenbetreuung

    Hi there, yes, I totally agree. Emojis are definitely  necessary for a Live chat tool in todays world. Overall I have the impression that Zendesk Chat is not that up to date compared to other live chat tool out there, so you should think of adding something like that soon!

  • Joel Hellman

    We also would like to have basic support for Emojis. We don't use emojis in email conversations but find they are more useful in chat. It's only a nice to have for us, but we do miss it.

    +1 if we can use shorthand code in addition to a picker. E.g. like how Slack does it or like how some clients just inline replace :) :P :/ etc with their Emoji equivalents.

    I find it a bit misleading to find a prominent post on your FB page about using emoticons and then discover it's not supported (at least not for us, running Windows).

  • Kate G

    Yes would love these to and like Slack does it would be great.


  • Nelson

    Tons of stuff out there about emoji's improving CSAT scores and overall inter-personal communication. Plenty of other chat apps have this (love it on intercom), cannot be that difficult to implement. 

    Designing products worrying about the oldest of browsers is a bad product philosophy, and sounds like an excuse.

  • Caresse


    We are looking forward to (hoping for) an emoji feature in chat to roll out!


    Is there a way to get an update notification if/ when this feature launches?

    Zendesk End- User Admin


  • Claudine J

    Hello all,

    Emojis in Zendesk Chat will be available in beta soon, please fill up this short form if you would like to participate in this beta and we will get back to you shortly.





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