Zopim Timestamps


  • Mark Hamilton

    UTC timestamping is not convenient for us. Converting times manually is a pain.

    We have set the timezone to UTC+8 under Zopim settings Account Timezone. But it still shows UTC timestamps on the chats. We have set up our Zendesk for UTC+8 and all tickets are correctly timestamped in our timezone. So Zendesk works really well. It's just Zopim.

    I'm afraid this makes me feel that Zopim is out of step with Zendesk's great functionality, and development work needs to to be done to bring it in line with the rest of Zendesk. I hope this happens soon as we're increasingly in need of a good chat service.

  • Brijesh

    We are an agency. Currently, we are getting an email with time zone GMT +0 for our chat transcript.

    We need chat time in local time GMT +5.30. So, we can see the accurate time of chat in an email.

    It is must as of now. Let me know if anyone knows how can I set this?

  • Joy Wingert


    We use chat as a 'first line of defense' and once the chat transcript is routed to our Professional Services team they have to do all kinds of work to figure out when the client actually chatted us. 

    Please resolve this discrepency - it is decreasing your usability, and causing us extra work. 

  • Jess Hartley

    Displaying proper time zones, to at least the business, is common sense. Who wants to look at a timestamp and then go to Google to figure out what their time is relative to UTC? Our customers and agents certainly don't and they think that something is wrong with our chat service. This is just poor user experience design. Several years of requests from the customer base should be enough to implement something so obvious. 

  • Chris Alexander

    I just finished chatting with support myself.  I had no idea that all of my analytics was in UTC.  This explains why we had so much web traffic at 3 am; it was actually 8 am EST. Apparently, the timezone settings are solely for business hour/schedule purposes?

  • JISL

    email transcript showing wrong timezone, i need timezone related to my location.

    in dashboard, history, everywhere you are using correct timezone, then why not for email transcript.

    give option to user for change/set their timezone for email transcript.


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