Trigger to close the chat after being idle for 10 mins



  • Leonardo Barbosa

    I’m looking for something exactly like that.
    I don’t care to use code if necessary, but is extremely good if I can accomplish this:
    1- set a idle timeout for chat between 2min to 10min
    2- send a message before to force chat endings

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Aswin Kannan and Leonardo Barbosa

    To be able to force end a chat is not possible from the Agent's side... The user must click the ellipsis and chose "end chat" or be idle for 20 minutes.

    To send the user a message, you can probably do this via trigger as Ramin mentioned. Give something like this a try (test it out!!)

    I hope this gets you close.



  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    1. You can accomplish something like this using the Visitor Served and Visitor status trigger conditions. It won't be specific to 2min but the default visitor statuses. Idle visitors are classified as no mouse or keyboard movements in the window for 10min

    2. Not possible, no plans to add this action to triggers


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