Android SDK - API to obtain the details of current agent



  • Mathew Cropper

    Hi Nikhil. Thanks for posting!

    All of the available APIs in the Chat SDK for Android are detailed here. Unfortunately, the Chat SDK doesn't provide a way to do either of the things you are looking for.

    The features of the Chat SDK are something I'll be looking at later this year, so I'd be very interested to hear more about your specific use case and goals?

  • NIkhil Shimpi

    Thanks for your reply.

    We had following use case:

    Currently we can see the avatar image of agent in chat section within the agent bubble.

    We wanted to show the same avatar ie the avatar image of agent at the top, inside the toolbar - where currently there is a back icon. And instead of "Chat" text, we need to show the name of the agent.

    So that overall chat experience become similar to other messaging app like say whats app.

  • Mathew Cropper

    Thanks, Nikhil! Are the reasons for wanting that UI purely stylistic, or are there user needs that you're trying to meet with this design? I can see how that would be a nice UI, but I'm curious as to what's driving it :)

  • NIkhil Shimpi

    This is mainly one of the product requirement. 

    The rationale is that:

    1. It gives the feeling of chatting with a real person and not that with a chat bot. This also negates the trigger messages send to the client. Overall user experience is improved.

    2. People are much more familiar with the such ui so they know whats happening and are comfortable for chatting.

    3. If the agent name and avatar image are at the top, this essentially will gives us more space, and more conversation is visible to user at a glance. In the current ui, repeating avatar image and agent name takes up this space.

    I understand that SDK can only provide limited amount of customization. I think most developers would prefer if chat SDK code is made available on github. And chat SDK has two clear and separate division of ui and chat api. 

    Basically chat api is core component, using which one can have complete flexibility to create custom ui. [This is available to us right now but its time consuming to create the whole ui again]. 
    And default chat SDK is made as one example of such custom ui. And it is shared on github.

    This way we get the flexibility to change only partial ui (of the default provided on github) and we can also take benefit of chat api.


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