Report Actual Votes on Articles


  • Susana Fernandez

    It would also be great if we could report on data such as:

    - Amount of articles created

    - Authors of the articles

    - Amounts of posts created

    - Amount of comments in posts and articles....

  • Wendy Sumner-Winter

    Totally agree!! We really need this to measure the effectiveness of our Knowledge Base work so that we can demonstrate an ROI. I'd think it would behoove ZD to help us with that! :-)

  • Bart

    I would like to see a report in Explore where you can pull the data of all votes. For example, if I have 100 votes on a particular topic like a feature request, we'd like to reach out to learn more from our partners how they would see it work. So now we have to guess from the few who may leave a comment. 

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Bart and all. The product team is currently working on datasets and reporting availability for Guide & Gather in Explore, and I've shared the comments in this thread with them.


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