Best practices for recording greetings


  • Brandon Tidd
    Community Moderator

    Hi Danle,

    I suppose that would depend on what you don't like about them.  I've found most people to be their own worst critic when it comes to this sort of thing - but if you're looking for a 'polished' sound that you just can't seem to nail in house, there are a number of online platforms like Voice123 where you can hire a freelance voice over artist to record your IVR greetings for a nominal one-time charge.  Ultimately it comes down to quality of microphone and comfort behind the mic more so than software settings in the editing tool - hope this helps!


  • Kaloyan Todorov

    Hi Danie,

    Personally from our experience we had best results if we do the recording directly via zendesk with high quality headset (plantronics). Most effort goes into the scripting and finding a good voice to fit the brand image.

    If you are looking for something more technical, then

    Some people reported transcoding is a problem on Mac, then you are better off with the high-quality source file and let Zendesk handle the compression at uploading. 

    For reference the telephony standard is 8-bit pcm ulow with sample rate of 8Khz (limited range 300Hz - 8Khz). GMS formate would add further compressions to customs calling from mobile vs landlines

    With that in mind the you could add value by playing around with the equalizer. Something like the below

    • roll off low frequencies under 200Hz to remove background noise,
    • emphasize the 2-3Khz to improve legibility and slightly smooth our 1.2KHz to reduce voice harshness.

    Hope it helps,



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    @Kayolan and Brandon appreciate you taking the time to offer up some advice for Danie!

    Super helpful information you've both provided :)


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