Linked Problem ticket field not usable by triggers automations macros


  • Travis Tubbs

    I agree with this request.

    In certain instances, we want to launch a trigger to perform actions on a ticket when an Incident is linked to a Problem.

    If Ticket - Is - Updated AND
    Linked Problem? - Present THEN
    Email User - Requester

    If Ticket - Is - Updated AND
    Linked Problem - Is - #123456 Problem Title THEN
    Add Tags - prb_app_froze

    Being able to automate actions for linked problems through triggers, automation, and macros would be a great time saver.

  • Alex Michaelson

    I also agree with this this request.  

    Even getting more than 15 incidents before you have a problem becomes a huge chore because you'll need link each one manually, whereas if some kind of outage occurs, we might get hundreds of incidents in a few minutes before we're able to respond that will need to be manually linked.

  • Marc Solomon

    Have to agree with the above comments here. This is really frustrating since I want to be able to revive On-hold tickets back to Open status (After giving customer couple of days to see if the issue reoccurs) but I don't want to re-open the tickets attached to Problems.

  • Kalle Windefalk


    Here's our use case

    • Our service desk link incidents to a problem ticket. 
    • Operations work on the problem ticket
    • Service desk agent receive a task from operation to confirm changes, updates etc with the end-user. 
    • Service desk would want to put their ticket in pending to confirm and get rid of the ticket from their focus view (the house)
    • Our bump-bump-solve should then be excluded from "linked tickets" since we would like to have more control for those particular incident tickets.


  • Curtis Bateson

    Our team would also like to see the linked problem ticket field available for use in trigger conditions.

    We were hoping to set up a trigger that would detect when an incident ticket is assigned to a problem ticket that is closed. These tickets can be lost for a long time if nobody notices and it's frustrating that we aren't able to use triggers to alleviate this problem.

  • Ahmed S Zaid

    I upvote this idea. Having access to this field will also allow reporting the number of incidents by problem not only by its ID, but also displaying other ticket properties such as subject, etc.

  • Alan Adler

    Also useful to open tickets set as incidents but no problem attached. Would be nice to just present submitting an incident without a linked problem.

  • John Brunker

    Yes, it would be very helpful if a macro could be set up to automatically link an incident to an existing problem ticket.

  • Klarette Gerrits

    Our team would like this too ! Especially in the macros.
    We often create temporary macros for specific problems. It's a pitty that we cant include the field "Linked problem" to the macro :(


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