Are Open vs. Were Open


  • Doug Kyle
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    I think I'm wrong about what I thought I was seeing above. I've inherited this system and knew there is no way that was all the tickets. But many of the tickets have no type assigned. By adding the Ticket Type, I think the above query is missing all those where Type = Null.

    For a trend on what is open, it looks like I might have to show a COUNT(Tickets) and COUNT(Solved Tickets) and calculate the difference. And then to accurately see this for just Incidents, I probably have to either wait until all the poorly tagged data disappears from my date range, or do some serious data cleanup.

  • Dan Kondzela
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    Hey Doug, good question!

    The tricky part of this request is defining what you mean by Open tickets in the month. Do you want a count of how many tickets were open in the month, or how many tickets are Open at the end of the month or some other timestamp entirely? 

    If you are on Explore Enterprise you will be able to use the Backlog Dataset to get a look at the way things were, if you are not using the Backlog set you will always be looking at how they are. Here is more information: Backlog Tickets in Explore



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