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  • Kaloyan Todorov
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    Hi Jeremy,

    My suggestion would be to do a scoping session with your reporting customers (the bosses and B2B clients if any reports will go to them) and try to capture what they are interested to see/measure and then translate that into technical requirements and visualizations. As a business you probably have some contractual obligations to your B2B customers such as Service Level Objectives or other business KPIs which is a good foundation for reporting (ie. 90% of urgent quires will be resolved within 1h). In terms of quantity you can report on volumes per channel, time of day/week lows & high, query types and priorities, seasonality, trends compared to previous reporting period and future forecasts for workforce management . In terms of quality you can report on the backlog burn rate (open vs resolved tickets and velocity), first time resolution rate, satisfaction ratings, case categories, avg. handling time per type and priority, monthly agent leaderboard (best quantity + quality agents in your business), re-prioritization count (upgrading/downgrading ticket priorities, too frequent may not be healthy) . Frankly most of the core customer service metrics are already included in the native reporting of zendesk so unless you have a more specific question might be difficult to get a good answer.

    Good luck!



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